Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carl Freer

Carl Johan Freer (born 9th May 1970) is a Swedish businessman and technology entrepreneur.

Freer was Chairman of the Board of Tiger Telematics Inc. reference SEC and is now engaged in numerous technology companies. He is currently Founder and President of GetFugu Inc.

GetFugu website:

A native of Sweden Carl Freer possesses nearly two decades of experience in developing major consumer technologies across Europe and in the United States.

Early in 2000's Freer established himself as the Chairman of Tiger Telematics Inc. the company that produced and manufactured a hand held gaming system.

Upon moving to the United States Carl Freer joined the Magitech Group where his career expanded into the field of augmented reality technology.

One of his main contributions to the company was through the work with universities, which developed an assortment of mobile applications and video games.

As a creative force for the corporation, Freer obtained several US Patents for his original work, including the pioneering of a new method for distributing highly targeted advertisements via mobile platforms.

Carl Freer utilized his extensive technology expertise and entrepreneurial prowess in 2010 to launch LogoVision, a company providing high tech search technology for mobile devices.

Raised in Sweden, Carl Freer attended Saltsjobadens Samskola, a Secondary School located in Stockholm Sweden.

When he is not working he unwinds by playing tennis and skiing.

Carl Freer supports numerous charities but favors Nordens Ark and Back on Track.

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